2×2 Visual Impairment Cycling

2X2 was established to pair tandem captains who are sighted with tandem stokers who are blind/visually impaired. 2X2 allows people with visual impairments the opportunity to cycle regularly and teaches individuals who are sighted how to captain a tandem.

What type of riding background do I need to have?

Our stokers vary from extremely experienced cyclists to beginners. In order to provide a great cycling experience for a tandem team, a similar background and riding style is important. We need people who have little formal cycling experience as well as people who have been doing long tours and races for years. Our only requirement is that all cyclists wear bicycling helmets.

What if I make a mistake and I cause a crash with a person who is blind on the back?

As a new captain you will receive training on how to captain a tandem. In addition, you work together with experienced stokers, and those stokers will help with balance and control of the bike. You will be amazed at how easy it is to captain a tandem with just a little bit of training.

Do I need a tandem?

No, we provide tandems. However, if you have your own tandem and prefer to ride it, by all means we will try and match you with a stoker who fits your tandem and your riding style.

What type of time commitment do captains have to give?

As much or as little as you’d like. People who do not live close by but would like to captain for certain bicycle tours or special events are welcome to do so as their schedule allows. We ride several times per week in addition to the official 2X2 Sunday rides, and if you have a favorite ride, and you’d like to bring a stoker who is blind and tandem along, please contact us and we’ll try to arrange it. We have captains that ride with 2X2 stokers several thousand miles per year, as well as captains who ride with us just a few times per year.

When do 2X2 cyclists ride?

Every Sunday, from May through October, 2X2 hosts a ride on the east side of Detroit. Everybody meets at 9:30 am for a start time of 10:00. Rides average 25 miles in length at a 15 mph pace. In addition, we ride in all of the local bicycle tours, do some races, and do weekly club rides. We need captains for rides any time the weather allows us to go ride. Basically, if you are willing and able to ride, we will try and match you with a stoker when your schedule allows. If you don’t live on the east side of Detroit, we’ll take your name and try to match you up with some who lives closer to where you live.

For more information about how to become involved in this program, contact PEAC board member, Nino Pacini, at 734-658-2919 or by email at ninopacini@gmail.com