“When I ride the tandem bike, I get a feeling of freedom that I have never experienced before.” – Matt, student

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience yesterday! It was probably only 30 minutes into the session when Josey was riding independently!  We were elated and he was so proud of himself!  Riding a bike is such a “rite of passage” for kids and Josey experienced a tremendous amount of sadness about not being able to ride a bike. It was such a joyous day for us watching him ride all on his own.  He called his grandmother as soon as we got into the car and when I tucked him in last night he said, ‘Mom, this was the best day ever!’  This is one less thing that will stand in his way in social opportunities with other kids.”– Louella, parent

“My students have never been more excited by a program.  It is so real and so practical, and needs to happen in every classroom, every year.” – Caryn, teacher

“Thanks to PEAC, my son is ahead of his recovery from bilateral hamstring and heel cord lengthening surgery. We started PEAC today with awesome tandem ride, and ended with Alex’s first independent ride, ever, on a mountain bike!”– Dawn, parent