Summer Cycling Program

Our seven-week summer cycling program teaches individuals of all abilities how to cycle. Every student comes to summer program with a different goal, and different prior experience. Examples of student goals include: participating in a community bike ride with peers, learning to balance and ride a two-wheel bike, participating in a tandem bike ride through the community, and maintaining endurance on a tricycle. PEAC is committed to providing quality instruction, and creating environments where all students can learn, are appreciated, respected and have fun.

Program Details


Summer program is seven weeks long, and students meet once or twice per week for a 50-minute session. The first day of summer program is assessment day. On assessment day, each student and his/her family will talk about their prior cycling experience (none needed!) and set a goal for the summer. We’ll also size your son/daughter for the bike(s) that he/she will ride over the summer. We have LOTS of different types of bikes including: tandems, 2 wheel mountain bikes, road bikes, hand-cycles tricycles, recumbent bikes, and adaptive cycles.  There are 3 PEAC instructors at each site, and we generally have between 5 and 7 students enrolled in each 50-minute class.

Do we need to bring our own bikes or helmets?

Nope, but you can! We have mountain bikes, road bikes, hand-cycles tricycles, recumbent bikes, and adaptive cycles in all sizes. We also have helmets, but many students choose to bring one that they are already comfortable wearing.

Cost: $40 per student

Locations: Ann Arbor, Dexter, Oakland County (Farmington), Lansing Area, Saline, Downriver, Toledo


Our summer program instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, including: recreational therapy, occupational therapy, special education, cycling, and beyond! This diversity makes for a creative and cohesive team. On a 2016 parent survey, staff received an average of 4.6/5! We are proud to have such a passionate, dedicated family of staff.

Family Involvement:

We’d love to have your help at site! Because there are 3 instructors and 4-7 students at each session, family participation is encouraged. We’ll teach you about the bike(s) your son/daughter is riding, skill development techniques, and how to captain a tandem.

Community Bike Rides:

Towards the end of the summer, each site hosts an evening bike ride. At this event, students come out with their parents, siblings and friends to go on a bike ride in the neighborhood surrounding their summer site, share some ice cream, and receive recognition for their accomplishments during summer program.


We potentially still have openings in our program. Please reach out to Joe Altizer ( and he can get you set up or on the waitlist.

  • Ann Arbor Mon & Wed (Sessions between 12pm – 7pm) starting June 26th.
  • Ann Arbor Tue & Thur (Sessions between 9am – 4pm) starting June 27th.
  • Dexter Mon & Wed (Sessions between 12pm – 7pm) starting June 26th.
  • Saline Tue & Thur (Sessions between 9am – 4pm) starting June 27th.
  • Oakland County Mondays (Sessions between 9am – 4pm) starting June 26th.
  • Downriver Thursdays (Sessions between 9am – 4pm)  starting June 29th
  • Lansing Tuesdays (Sessions between 9am – 4pm) starting June 27th.
  • Toledo, OH Mon & Wed (Sessions between 9am – 4pm) starting June 26th.