Hand Cycle Racing Series


The Michigan Hand Cycle Racing Series (MHRS) was created by Glen Ashlock (R2AAA), Liz Horvat (PEAC), and John Waterman (PEAC), with sponsorship from Fusion Medical and the Athletes with Disabilities Network to increase awareness of the importance of hand cycles as a viable means of racing throughout Michigan.

The MHRS will create a more competitive division of hand cyclists and will bring more racers and spectators to sponsored events, as racers will be incentivized by the increased competition as well as the prize money associated with the MHRS.


The scoring is based on the Michigan Mountain Biking Association. The points for number of participants will be based on the number of people who have registered for the race. This will include DNS and DNF racers. Each participant will be counted as two points.


Participants must qualify for each race, according to the race-specific guidelines.
The MHRS will determine points for each race in accordance with the race finishes.
To compete within the MHRS each participant must pay a $35 registration fee.
You must compete in at least TWO races.
The best 4 out of 6 races will count towards your total.

Race Schedule: The races are as follows

5-14-16 Fifth Third River Bank Run (Results Below)
TBD (Setting new route) Meijer State Games Time Trial – Event Canceled
7-22-16 Capital City Cycling Classic-State Championships (Lansing Crit)
8-27-16 HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races
10-16-16 Detroit Free Press Marathon
10-23-16 Grand Rapids Marathon


1st place: $200 & Medal
2nd place: $150 & Medal
3rd place: $100 & Medal


Please contact Joe Altizer (Joseph@bikeprogram.org) with any questions or concerns!

Final Results (updated Nov 3rd, 2016):

1st place: Brad Bauman (with 288 points)

2nd place: Steve Chapman (with 242 points)

3rd place: Bryan Wilkinson (with 201 points)